My first blog post… EVER!

OK, so let’s do this!

OK, so let’s do this! I set this up over a week ago under the expert guidance of my good friend and seasoned blogger babe Ali of https://kingsandgreens.com. I had been thinking of doing something of this ilk for a while now, but not being so tech savvy myself, got a bit lost and confused in the minefield of options of whether to blog or vlog, what platforms to use etc. However, I figured I could stay lost or just start writing something about what I’m passionate about, and maybe share it with some folks to see what they think. Having only a personal facebook account and no instagram, twitter, snapchat or YouTube, I was delighted when Ali pointed out where I might make a start. I’ve been reading some fantastic blogs for several months as well as watching awesome YouTube channels, and I’m now just inspired to get going.

And so my blog name ethicalem! This name was partially born out of indecision and procrastination about what to name my blog. My primary reason for wanting to blog was to discuss, review and share ideas about cruelty free products for beauty, body, family, pets and home. However there may be other ethical matters or seemingly unrelated topics that interest me that I might feel inspired to write about. And so I feel the name encompasses that scope. In any case the name’s not important. Like what I’m going to talk about, it’s always what’s inside that counts!

So, how did I get here? Well, shortly before my wedding in August 2016, a friend informed me that many of the products in my wedding make up bag were tested on animals. It felt like a kick to the gut. I felt sick, and bad, and wrong! I hadn’t ever considered this, and naively presumed that the products I possessed should not have been tested on animals in this day and age! Surely! Yes she felt she had to inform me because she knew ‘how much I love animals’. There were mostly affordable, easy to obtain, high street beauty brands such as L’Oreal, Rimmel with a few higher end products in there such as Benefit. She showed me her ‘posher’ products including Guerlain, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay. I trustingly thought she knew what she was on about and was coming from a more knowledgeable, informed place! So I started to look closely at and research all the make up and cosmetics I owned, only to find that all the products she pontificated about were also tested on animals! I was angry with brands, angry with myself for letting myself feel affected by someone else’s opinion, and also angry at her for her hypocritical advice I hadn’t asked for. However, this was in fact enough to get me reconsidering the brands I supported and the type of products I might choose in future, because I do in fact care about animals, and many other things!

And so the journey began. I’ve been researching, trying and collecting products, knowledge and information for over 18 months now and in my coming posts I will share with you my own experiences with cruelty free. I’m really excited to get going and rave about my faves, and having got so much help and inspiration from other like-minded bloggers, I’m hoping that the content I include will help others.

Until very soon!

Em xxx


Natural and cruelty – free body and hair care, part one

Since my first post here where I talked about how I got into cruelty free makeup and more, I have been watching a lot more videos and reading a load of blogs. I’ve shared with some really interesting people and gathered hundreds of new ideas. And so I’ve been a bit flummoxed as to what to write about next. I figured I’ve just gotta get on with it!

It dawned on me that prior to my cruelty free makeup shock I wrote about in my last post, I have also been using and trying largely natural body care products for a long time and had cleanly (excuse the pun) forgotten that they were all cruelty free too! This all came about because for the majority of my life I had suffered from extremely dry skin and eczema, and most conventional and widely available body / hair cleansing products further dried my skin. I ended up spending so much money and time on moisturisers for my face, hands body and feet to replenish the moisture that washing was taking away.

So I began to look closely at the contents of the products I used most regularly and researched the ingredients. These were things like shower gels, body washes, soaps, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner. Yes, I used to wash my hair daily!?!?

And thus I started to use more natural daily products, free from SLS, SLES, parabens etc as I understood these might be kinder to my very dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin.  These also tended, by virtue of being natural, to be cruelty free, vegan and often organic. In my early days, when at university and working in Manchester, I shopped in 8th Day and Unicorn. I also spent a year of my degree course studying in Germany and was spoilt by a variety of ‘├ľko’ products within easy reach. Upon returning to my home town I was extremely lucky that a shining diamond of a shop opened in my hometown of Accrington, Lancashire. One Planet, a local eco / green / natural / organic / vegan cooperative was born. If you live in or visit Lancashire or the North West, this shop is well worth a visit!

So I’ve been using hair and body care products from there since then. My favourite brands are Suma‘s own brand and Faith in Nature. I have also found a love for Sukin body washes and haircare, which can be purchased on a variety of shops online or from Holland and Barrett

Top tip also keep an eye open in TX Maxx for Sukin, Faith in Nature and other natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free brands… can get some absolute bargains! (I tend to source my Sukin from here). Since using these products my skin is no longer dry or eczema prone skin. I do have some hormonal ‘bacne’ so I am careful to wash my back thoroughly and do not rinse my shampoo or conditioner down my back, rather I tip my head over when washing my hair.

My next post will be a more in depth focus on the body and hair care products I use regularly including ingredients and the benefits I have found from using them.

Until next time,

Em x