TK Maxx finds!

I can regularly be found rummaging (literally on my knees sometimes!) for cruelty free goodies in the beauty shelves at my local TK Maxx stores. I think TK Maxx does a really good job of sourcing several US and AUS skincare, body and haircare brands and retails at knock down prices. I’m not sure how they do it; but I’ve certainly never had anything that was past its best. My tip is to go regularly and have a good rummage, as they sometimes only stock one or two of an item and their stock comes in dribs and drabs (they appear to receive deliveries of mixed stock as opposed to a full box of one item or range).

Here’s a few things I picked up in TK Maxx within the last month or so.

Yes, Sukin features highly in this haul and I’m glad about that! Sukin is an Australian brand that I actually discovered in TK Maxx a couple of years ago when I bagged a litre bottle of their Botanical Body Wash in clearance for £9.99. I loved it and have been shopping for Sukin ever since.

Three of my favourites feature here. I absolutely love their conditioners and on this occasion I got the Moisture Rebalancing Conditioner 500ml for I think £5.99. I’ve used the Nourishing Conditioner before. They’re both excellent and are, given the lovely ingredients (Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Wheat Germ, Avocado, Jojoba and Rosehip oils) and pricepoint, in my opinion, up there with the higher end green haircare ranges. I will always rebuy these; I need nourishing and moisture since I have very thick, dry-ish hair, and Sukin conditioners do a really awesome job.

I’ve had a couple of bottles of the Sukin Cream Cleanser 125ml before, so this was to restock on one of my favourite gentle, natural cleansers. It’s a great all round cream formulation and is in a pump bottle for convenience. I like to dampen my face, massage the cream all over my face and neck, and then remove with a hot cloth, bamboo, muslin and hemp cloths are my preference, just because they give a little bit of an exfoliation. I like to use this as a first cleanse at night to remove makeup / the day, and follow with a lighter gel cleanser, before toning and moisturising. It’s a nice alternative to an oil cleanser and is really gentle if my face is feeling a bit fried. I will use as a morning cleanse if my skin is feeling tight or at all irritated.

Sukin Antioxidant Eye Serum. I think I got this for £5.99 or £6.99, which is fantastic as it usually retails around £16. I always stayed clear of eye creams and serums before my transition to more natural skincare, as conventional products would sting my eyes and make the skin around my eyes sore. No such problems with this one; it’s fragrance free, super gentle and contains Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Burdock, Rosehip, Borage and Evening Primrose oils. I use it morning and night and pat all around the upper and lower eye area. I particularly like putting plenty of this on before concealer as it makes for easier blending and less creasing, which this thirty-something really needs!

More reasons why I love Sukin…

I picked up the Tisserand Tea Tree Essential Oil, since I had run out of this oil and use this daily in some way or another. Tisserand is a really reputable brand and this was £3.99 I think. I use tea tree in my bath, in a spray which I make for my spotty back, put it in rhassoul clay for a mask, put it on my linens and in with my laundry. I also successfully treated a fungal toe nail with Tea Tree and I regularly pop a bit on my toenails to prevent reoccurence. I will blog more about essential oils & aromatherapy bits at a later date.

Another Australian brand I’ve been able to try from TK Maxx is A’kin. I’ve never used them before, but with my moisturiser running out I picked up the A’kin Rose de Mai Antioxidant Facial Day Cream for normal to combination skin. It’s a 50ml pot and normally retails above £20. Imagine my delight when I got it for £5.99! It contains shea butter, jojoba rose and olive oils and active ingredients including vitamins A, B5, C, E, alpha lipoic acid and vipers bugloss oil (omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids). It’s a lovely light consistency, slightly gel like, and it sucks into my skin beautifully without greasiness or stickiness. It is superb under makeup and keeps my skin hydrated all day. I’d buy this one again, I do hope it pops up in TK Maxx before I run out.

Over to the US now, specifically Hawaii, and it’s Alba Botanica’s Sunless Tanner. This is the first self tanning product I have tried in my life, but I’ve had a couple of products from this brand that I liked, and so for £5.99 I thought I’d give it a whirl. And though it’s not all natural, it is certified cruelty free. It does contain dimethicone and phenoxyethanol, but also boasts a bunch of botanical ingredients and is vegetarian, gluten free and contains no sulphates, parabens, phthalates or artificial colours. I really love the light tropical scent of this and it gives my fair skin a natural tan and glow with just one application. It doesn’t streak and also builds and fades well. I liked it so much I searched a few stores for a backup, as it’s not one of the Alba range that is readily available in the UK. I should have enough to see me through the British Summertime (whatever that is) and would definitely buy again / recommend. 

The final product in this haul is The Balm’s Plump You Pucker Lipgloss in the colour Tutti My Frutti. I haven’t bought a lipgloss in years, since I’m an old fashioned, bullet lipstick kind of girl, and don’t love the feel of glosses. But I saw the colour of this and couldn’t resist a bargain. The Balm is not an all natural / green brand but is cruelty free, paraben free and talc free and I do think they make a good effort and are of a similar kind of style / products to non cruelty free brands like Benefit, and Too Faced, who were bought by a non cruelty free parent company. This is the first The Balm product I have tried, since I like to keep the majority of my makeup as natural as I can. Having said that this is a lovely, summery, not too sticky, pretty peach-pink gloss with a gold reflect and is fairly opaque for a gloss. I’m not sure if this product has been discontinued it replaced by another gloss formulation, so I will enjoy it while it lasts. 

What are your best TK Maxx finds? I’d love you to share them with us!

*** Nothing in this blog post is sponsored or PR. I searched for and purchased all the products myself and the opinions are all completely my own

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