Walden Natural Perfumes

So I was going to buy this little mini Walden Natural Perfume set if anybody gives me money for my birthday (you know, planning ahead as you do), as I had been wanting to sniff ALL of them since they first launched! But then Lovelula posted about yet another amazing offer! Currently, if you buy one full size 50ml EDP, you get the mini set for FREE (and it’s worth Β£30)!

Imagine my delight and excitement! I love fragrance and cruelty free ones that are ACTUALLY natural, are so hard to come by. I couldn’t delay or miss the opportunity, I mean who knows how quickly the stock would sell out (the gift set had been sold out prior to this offer). So I decided to buy myself an early birthday present of The Solid Earth 50ml and get the gift set free. And then I told my husband not to buy me anything, because I had bought this instead as I knew how much he would love the scents on me πŸ˜‚ (this is kind of how it works in our house!)

I chose The Solid Earth after reading Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol’s thoughts on her blog and social media. I also prefer warm, oriental, heady scents, or earthy woodsy ones. And being summertime I opted for The Solid Earth, which contains two of my favourite oils… Vetiver and Patchouli.

Here are the descriptions from Lovelula on each of the 5 fragrances:

A Different Drummer opens with a spicy blast of Pepper followed by Cedarwood and Amber and finishes with creamy hints of Amyris Sandalwood.

A Little Star Dust is a sumptuous bouquet of Ylang Ylang, Iris and Jasmine enriched with hints of creamy Amyris and exotic Tonka Bean.

Castles in the Air is a fresh, intoxicating blend of Citrus with a hint of tropical flowers and lavender. 

Two Eternities is a garland of Forest Flowers including Wild Roses, Jasmine and Iris floating above a fresh Citrus base of Bergamot and Sweet Orange Oil. 

The Solid Earth opens citrusy fresh with Petitgrain followed by a heart of Vetiver and Light Patchouli Oil to finish off with creamy Amyris.

As I’m now the overjoyed beholder of all 5, I’m going to let you know what I think. For starters, I honestly like and would wear them all. Even the florals, which are not normally my bag, are really different, well balanced and wearable.

A Different Drummer to me smells heady, spicy, incensey and exotic. It’s got me thinking Arabian nights. Spicy / Woody Orientals were always my favourite in conventional fragrance and I miss that. What’s really nice about this one is you can still smell all the notes even when it’s dried down. I love the cedarwood in this and amber and amyris warm and bring the balance of this scent together beautifully.  I would love this as a new Autumn / Winter perfume. It’s utterly scrumptious and screams sexy.

A Little Star Dust. This one opens with heady florals but also has a hint of spice and warmth with the tonka and amyris. It’s sweeter and more feminine than A Different Drummer. It has a younger vibe about it. It totally reminds me of Prada Infusion D’Iris if you liked that one, with a little more vanilla. I also find it the most long lasting and I think that’s to do with the tonka bean. 

Castles in the Air starts out super citrusy, immediately followed by white florals. It dries down to a light and refreshing citrus, floral, herbal fragrance and I’m not surprised to read it has rosemary in as well as lavender. I like this more than I thought I would and think it would be a really wearable summer fragrance for anyone. 

Two Eternities – now this one really surprised me. It is an intoxicating blast of juicy orange followed by the florals; the jasmine note is beautiful. There are no detectable base notes but it doesn’t lack depth because the jasmine and orange are so balanced. It reminds me of 90’s Body Shop Satsuma Bubble Bath and a dash of Lush Karma. But it’s much more sophisticated and a little less hippy than either of those. I think this would appeal to many, it certainly surprised me and would be a year round fragrance as orange is something that lends itself to Summer and of course Christmas!

And finally, The Solid Earth. I’m so glad I chose this because it’s the perfect woody Summer scent for me. It opens heavy on the citrus from the Petitgrain but soon you get the gorgeously grassy, woody Vetiver coming through. Patchouli and Amyris give depth, longevity and a well rounded fragrance. This just reminds me of a warm, relaxed spring / summer day outside in nature. The grass has been cut, the birds are singing, the hawthorn is in flower and you’ve got a picnic and a cheeky cider. It’s just utterly lovely and the Vetiver is so soothing and calming.

All in all they did a really good job with this collection of 5 fragrances. They’re all so different and there’s something for everyone. All bases are covered – you’ve got spicy, oriental, woodsy, sweet, citrus, fruity, floral and herbal. I’ll definitely be wanting A Different Drummer and Two Eternities in future (blatant hubby hint).

Have you tried any of the Walden Natural Perfumes? Which are your favourites?

This post contains affiliate links but all products were purchased by myself. All opinions are my own and completely honest and always will be.

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