Favourite Four – SLS/SLES and Paraben Free Bath Bombs from Lush – Cruelty Free & Vegan.

OK so I’ve loved Lush since the birth of Karma itself. I can’t resist a visit when passing one of their stores and my husband and I do like shopping online for bath bombs and select other bits. Lush is Cruelty Free and most products are Vegan, and Lush prides itself on fresh, handmade cosmetics. So it may surprise many that Lush uses sulphates and parabens in some of their products. No company is perfect and I balance this against the campaigning, awareness and charity work that Lush does. 

Now although I don’t follow a 100% natural, organic, green regimen, I do avoid SLS/SLES. I have found that since eliminating sulphates from my skin, hair and body care routines, I no longer suffer from dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin (exception: my rough hands and feet which feel like they belong to Bilbo Baggins!). Lush has plenty of sulphate free Bath Bombs which are bicarb based. If you’re keen to avoid sulphates, steer clear of the Bubble Bars, Shower Gels, Shampoos and Soaps (the foamy stuff). Having said that, there’s plenty of things for sensitive skins and souls to enjoy at Lush.

These are four of my favourite SLS/SLES free bath bombs:


Lush tagline: ‘Bloomimg lovely’. This pretty, gentle bomb contains Mimosa, Orange Flower, Jasmine, Gardenia and Lemon. It smells like springtime in bloom and is kind on the skin. I find Sakura soothing, cooling and calming without being too relaxing that you fall asleep, which makes it the ideal any time bathtime treat. 

Sex Bomb

“This bomb’s made for lovin‘.” Soothing, relaxing and sensual, this pop of pink in the bath contains Jasmine, Ylang-ylang and Clary Sage. It’s just beautiful and feels ultra nourishing to the skin. It’s my favourite for my time of the month, as Clary Sage is beneficial for period pain, plus it makes me feel a just a little bit sexy when I feel anything but!

Blackberry Bath Bomb

“Frankincense says relax”. This unremarkable looking, violet coloured bomb, is one of Lush’s dark horses. Containing Frankincense, Bergamot and Olibanum, it’s powerfully hypnotic I find, and the first time I used it I was almost too zonked to get out of the bath! If I want total bliss, this is my go to. It’s equally unisex and this is a bath bomb that both my husband and I share a love of. Gutted that it’s marked as “leaving soon” on Lush’s website! Might need to stockpile!

Cheer Up Buttercup *NEW*

“Chin up!”. This newbie from Lush is packed with uplifting neroli, lime and lemon myrtle. When I was a kid I had a wooden fruit that smelt of lemon oil which was for scenting your drawer. I’m pretty sure my cousin gave it to me. Anyway, this bath bomb totally takes me back to that aroma and happy memory which I had otherwise forgotten. Nostalgia! And it contains cocoa butter which leaves your skin feeling like you’ve smothered yourself in the stuff! Amazing, and there’s also quite a bit of lustre in there too, leaving you fresh and sparkly, smooth and soft. 

Also Sulphate Free & Vegan:

Yellow Submarine, Ickle Baby Bot, Butterball, Lava Lamp (leaving soon!), Golden Slumbers (kitchen exclusive), Cyanide Pill (kitchen exclusive), Big Blue, Avobath, Ylang Song Bombshell (kitchen exclusive, and always sold out when I try and order online!) & Tisty Tosty (leaving soon!).

Have you tried any of these bath bombs? Which are your favourites? Feel free to also share any other, more natural Lush favourites. 

Links for convenience of readers, no affiliation or sponsorship in this post, just my faves!

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