Fair Trade Natural Incense

It’s no surprise that I love fragrances. I like my skin, hair and home to smell divine. When it comes to home fragrance, I love candles and wax melts, essential oils, and incense equally. I don’t have a favourite method of scenting my home, they’re all great for different reasons. But I like anything that I use in my home to be as natural as possible, cruelty free, and in the case of incense, which is usually made in places like India, I insist that it’s Fair Trade.

I buy my incense from my favourite local shop, One Planet, which is a cooperative that focuses on ethical, environmentally friendly and fair trade goods. I love to support this coop and what it stands for. 

The usual brand of incense that I buy is One Aromatics by One Village. This was introduced to me years ago by a friend so when One Planet started stocking it, I was over the moon. If you can’t find this incense locally you can also buy it directly online. It’s 100% natural and hand rolled in one village in southern India and is Fair Trade. If you would like to read more about the company and their ethos you can do here. I’ve tried all their different scents of incense but my favourites are Patchouli (goes without saying), Lotus, Opium, Rose and Lavender. I also totally love Jasmine and Vanilla, but didn’t have these at the time I took the photograph. You can also blend the scents by burning two different scents at one, such as Lavender and Orange, or Rose and Lemongrass…. lovely!

A new incense I have tried recently (from my beloved local One Planet shop) and fallen in love with is White Sage from Satya! Most incense lovers will be familiar with Satya and their world famous Nag Champa! When Kerry from One Planet had loads of boxes of White Sage in stock I knew it had to be good. Like she explained to me, it smells like ironing linens! Satya incenses are also fairly traded. It’s a really lovely, light, fresh and airy incense. I personally find Nag Champa too much but White Sage is perfect. It literally does smell like fresh linens or ironing. It’s just delightful for everyday, for living room or bedroom.

What are your favourite natural, Fair Trade incenses? I would love to try some new ones! Have you tried any of these and what did you think? 

This post is not sponsored nor does it contain affiliate links. Links are for information & convenience only. Where sponsorship, PR or affiliation occurs I will always clearly state. My opinions are always my own, and 100% honest and always will be.

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