Five Fabulous Cruelty Free Mascaras!

I think going cruelty free and using more natural brands, the scariest prospect for me was not having a great mascara. My ‘holy grail’ one in conventional beauty was the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes. An accessible drugstore option, I had used it for years and loved it, and I doubted I could find something comparable or better, especially in the green beauty space.

How wrong was I! I’ve tried quite a few mascaras and whilst a couple haven’t been for me (mascara is such a personal thing, right?), there have been no crap ones and there are some absolutely stand out mascaras that are even better than any conventional ones I tried!

Here are my top 5 in natural and or cruelty free mascaras, and there’s something to suit everyone I believe…

Joint first place goes to the Hynt Beauty Nocturne mascara and the W3ll People Expressionist Mascara. Both of these mascaras are all natural and cruelty free but do contain beeswax. The reason I can’t choose between the two is because they are both remarkable mascaras but both totally different.

The Hynt Nocturne mascara is a thick, rich black formulation with a big, fat traditional bristle wand. This is not usually my preferred type of wand as I find I have less control with them and make more mess, but this one gives me so much volume in my lashes! It doesn’t transfer, smudge or flake and lasts all day. It really is fantastic and I would highly suggest it if you like this type of wand and want mega volume without clumping.

The W3ll People Expressionist Mascara is fairly new to me, but I knew I wanted to try it for months, because so many other bloggers rave about it. I have not been disappointed whatsoever! It’s my favourite type of wand, the plasticy, rubbery type, but it’s nice and soft and doesn’t hurt the eyes. The ‘spikes’ are super close together, coating every single lash and you can get so near to the lash line. It goes from thin to fatter in the middle and thin at the tip meaning you can get right into the inner and outer corners and it is BRILLIANT for the lower lashes. It’s a wetter formula and ultra black (it also comes in brown, blue and purple). It gives amazing length and separation and gives a beautiful, fluttery doe-eyed look. It can be built up and dries quickly, no smudging or transfer. If you love a rubbery wand and lengthening, this one is for you.

The PHB Ethical Beauty All in One Black Mascara was one I received in I think the July Lovelula Beauty Box. It is Natural, Cruelty Free, Vegan & Halal and PHB gives 20% of profits to charity. The formula is fairly creamy and goes on evenly with no clumping as long as you take of the excess. The wand is bristle and has a kind of spiral shape to it, getting product from root to tip of the lashes. It offers separation as well as decent volume and length, and does not smudge etc. I find it an ideal everyday mascara. It is a good all rounder and it also comes in brown.

The Pacifica Aquarian Gaze Water Resistant Long Lash Mineral Mascara was the first natural mascara I bought. So I’ve had it a wee while, it’s probably time to get rid! It’s a really nice, fairly dry formula, owing to its water resistance. It has a nice rubbery wand like the W3ll People, only this one is a little firmer. One side is straighter and the other more curved, which is handy to reach every lash top and bottom. This shade is Abyss Black and it also comes in Deep Blue. It is Vegan as well as Cruelty Free of course. It truly is water resistant, and I take it off with an oil cleanser or a micellar product. I like to use this as a second coat over other mascaras to make super long lasting and on bottom lashes, particularly when I’m working (I work retail under hot lights and I have an oily face).

I picked up the e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Mascara in Black at Superdrug. The brand had just arrived at my local store and was on 3 for 2 so I wanted to pick up few things to try. Whilst this brand isn’t all natural, they are one of the better ones (I love e.l.f, GOSH and Barry M for accessible, high street / drugstore, cruelty free brands). This mascara is actually Vegan too. The wand is rubbery and skinny which I love, and I can get some decent length and separation with this one. It is a pretty wet formula so I do my bottom lashes first then top to avoid transfer. Plus it’s only ยฃ4.50!!! You can’t go wrong with this one for a budget friendly option, perhaps a great try for someone wanting to transition to cruelty free.

So that’s it, five marvellous mascaras! One thing I can say for every single one of these mascaras is that I have had no issues with clumping, smudging, transferring or flaking, and they are all long wear. And this is a big deal coming from me with hooded, oily eyelids… if a mascara is gonna go wrong, it’s gonna go wrong on me!

Have you tried any of these mascaras and what do you think? If your favourite cruelty free and or natural / vegan mascara is not here, which is it and why do you love it?

This post does contain some affiliate links, and some informative links. There are no PR items in this post and none of my content is sponsored. All opinions are my own, honest and always will be. 

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