Tinting my brows with henna. It worked!

Hi guys and welcome back! If you are a new reader, welcome, I hope you enjoy my blog. 

Just nipped on to write a real quickie. I’ve mentioned on my blog and Insta numerous times that I colour my hair with henna and that I love it. Link to a full how to here

Well, I’ve been wanting to tint my brows with henna for ages now. I’ve looked at various henna tints available on the internet but been worried as to whether they’re cruelty free or 100% pure henna. 

And although it says on the HennΓ© Color packaging NOT to use on brows or lashes, I thought I would risk it and see if it works. I mean what’s the worst that can happen? 

So I bought the black HennΓ© henna (could totally use brown on lighter brows) and mixed up a little of the powder with some boiling water and set it to cool. I mixed it to a thinner consistency than I do when I henna my hair, sort of a double cream consistency. I got this off EBay from a seller I always buy my henna from (newlifeherbal), but you can also get it a Holland & Barrett. 

I took an angled eyebrow brush and applied it carefully in and through my brow hairs. I only left it on 15 minutes and it wasn’t as dark as I would have liked. So I applied some more and wiped off again with wet cotton wool. Yes it does look green, but don’t worry that’s not the colour your brows end up, just the colour of the henna itself!

And it worked! I’m not sure why it says not to use on brows, probably in case you get it in your eyes, but I was extremely careful and it totally worked. And it lasts longer than regular brow tints!

So there you go. In case you were also wondering if you could use henna on your brows, it works for me, if you want to take the risk, go for it!

That’s all for now folks. See you in my next post.

Em 😘😘

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