Favourites 2017 ~ Makeup ~ Cruelty Free and Green Beauty

Hi guys and welcome back to the last bit of my 2017 Favourites, and my favourite, favourite bit! MAKEUP! I use mostly green beauty makeup, but I do like to mix it up with the occasional cruelty free conventional beauty product, which I’ve picked up at the drugstore / high street or online. There are certain makeup products / steps I just don’t use on a daily basis and I will explain more further on.

Unlike my bath / body / hair and skincare favourites, which were conincidentally all 🇻 for Vegan, quite a few of my makeup products do contain beeswax, and the odd one carmine. But, I will stick in the big 🇻 where I can be sure a product is definitely Vegan. OK so let’s go, I can’t contain myself!

BB Cream ~ Lily Lolo BB Cream, Light,🇻, 40ml, £13.50.

I don’t use a foundation on a daily basis, only when I go out, if then! I have been using it this BB Cream for about 3 years and I just love it. I have it in the shade Light which matches me perfectly in Summer. But it lasts such a long time that I’m still wearing it in Winter and it totally adjusts to my current skin tone so never a need to get a lighter shade (they do a fairer option called Fair). It is lovely and creamy and sinks in gorgeously without that fast dry down feeling, which I cannot stand about foundation. It honestly feels like an extra skincare step, but totally does enough to even out my skin and blur imperfections without looking obvious or cakey. I don’t use a primer either. I haven’t found anything to use every day that I like better than this so I will be sticking with this one in 2018! Just to note I have combination skin, which is seasonally drier or oilier, depending on time of year and temperatures.

Concealer ~ Glossier Stretch Concealer, Light, 5ml, £15.

I was crushing on my Hynt Concealer (full coverage) real bad, until I got this when Glossier launched in the UK. My oh my it’s good. A lighter coverage and buildable, but so lovely under the eye, round the nose and chin, without any creasing, caking or drying, it just looks soft and lovely all day. My Mum read my Glossier blog post and ordered it and loves it. So it works on me, 36, and my beautiful, and oh so youthful looking Mum, 63. I think it’s aimed at teens, tweens and twenty somethings so if we like it too I’m sure it will suit most ages!

Face Powder ~ Glossier Wowder, Light Medium, 🇻, 7.2g, £18

I was struggling this year to find a powder to set my undereyes and lids that would also keep my oily t zone at bay and my face in place, whilst being a good base for cheek products etc. I found that the ones that worked under the eye didn’t keep my face oils at bay, and the ones that kept my face in place, were too powdery or dry looking under the eyes. This one works for everything I need it to. Don’t be fooled by the shade, I’m fair to light with a pink undertone and this Light / Medium powder just adjusts to my skin tone. Plus it’s imperceptible, and I don’t know how being so light it keeps my t zone at bay but it just does. Perfect powder search finally over! Thanks to Ashley from the Green Bunny for this recommendation.

Blush I don’t use bronzer or contour regularly, because I’m a pinky skinned person, and I just haven’t found bronzing and contouring products that suit me or add anything lovely to my makeup routine. But I absolutely love and live for blush, so we’re going to have 3 blush categories to make up for it: matte, shimmer and cream blushes!

Matte Blush ~ Green People Mineral Powder Blush, Rose, 10g, £20.

This has been a hard one for me, because I do love every single one of my matte pressed and loose powder blushes, and I do use them all. But probably my most used, universal matte powder blush is this one from Green People. It’s such a lovely nude rosey shade and blends so beautifully but also builds well. It never conflicts with any lip or eye look, because it doesn’t lean too warm or cool but has enough colour. It’s just bob on. And I’ve used it all year in all seasons and it always works. Mine is depotted from it’s lovely mirrored, cardboard compact, because I house all my pressed blushes in one large magnetic palette (it was super easy to depot if you’re interested). If you’re looking for something cooler, the Zao blush in Lilac Pink is also gorge!

Shimmer Blush ~ Inika Loose Mineral Blush, Peachy Keen, 🇻, 3g, £21.

I bought this on recommendation from Sasha from Balanced Beauty Bristol. I love it too! It was so perfect for Spring & Summer pretty peachy cheeks, but I’ve worn it in Autumn & Winter too to bring some colour and sheen back into my face! It looks a gorgeously crazy, shimmery tangerine in the pot but if you use sparingly on a big fluffy blush brush it just gives the most glowy peach flush! This pot will literally last me a lifetime.

Cream Blush ~ Glossier Cloud Paint, Puff, 10ml, £15.

So we’ve had a nude matte, a glowy peach, now it’s the turn of my favourite sheer cream blush in the perfect pink! A light gel cream formulation, this blush blends seamlessly onto unset skin (set afterwards or leave unset, it does not fade or budge). The baby pink colour is so fresh and brightening to the face, but the cloud paint also comes in a deeper pink, a brownish nude and a peach. They all look gorgeous to be honest. I think the formula would also work fabulously for more mature skins than mine, and any skin type, as it doesn’t ever look heavy and doesn’t emphasise any texture, it just always looks fresh, natural and pretty! We all want that, right?

Highlighter ~ Lily Lolo Illuminator, Rosé, 🇻, 9g, £16.

A bit like bronzing and contouring, I was never really into highlighting. I guess I’m just one of those old fashioned rouge on the cheek and lips kind of gals. Until I found this puppy! Shout out to BellaIzzy Makeup on YouTube who got me on to this one. It’s just the perfect formulation for me, not too crazy blinding, doesn’t emphasise texture, just adds a lovely, dewy sheen on the high points! It comes in Rosé, a lovely pinkish tone, but also champagne to match with yellow undertone skin, and a bronze for highlighting darker skin. Again I think this will last me forever, and such a great addition to my collection.

Brow Product ~ Hynt Beauty Eyebrow Definer, Espresso, 🇻, 3g, £21.

A lovely waxy light pomade , I’ve used this every day since I got it, and barely made a dint in it! I love this, it’s the perfect shade for me and importantly doesn’t pull warm. Not too creamy that you end up with sharpie brows, just the right pigmentation to define and fill in the brows. And great ingredients!

Brow Gel ~ Glossier Boy Brow, Brown, 3.12g, £14.

After I’ve used the Hynt brow product I like to go over with this Boy Brow. It fluffs up the brows, adds a bit more colour and holds the hairs in place. It’s a bit pricey for the amount you get, but I’ve been using it about 3 months now and still loads left so I’m happy about that!

Mascara ~ Hynt Beauty Nocturne Mascara, Black, 7.5g, £23.

Best damn mascara I’ve ever used. Not stopped raving about it since I got my first tube. Does everything I need my mascara to do! Just started my second tube, got rid of any other mascaras I own, as they don’t cut it compared to this. More of that to come in my next empties post when I talk about an unusable mascara, one everyone’s raving about!

Eyeshadow Again, as with blush I can’t just pick one so I’ve chosen two.

Matte Crease Colour ~ Hynt Beauty Perfetto Pressed Eyeshadow, Rosy Velvet, 🇻, 1.5g, £19.

Another one that Ashley Green Bunny on YouTube got me on to. This is just the perfect warm, terracotta, orange, red, brown thing! Perfect for a crease colour alone or any smokey eye, or anything where you wanna set off a lighter or warmer metallic lid, or great with a deep green, blue smokey lid. Or even pair with purples. It just works so great, set down sheer, or built up. I love the pigment and the formula. It looks to have shimmer in the pan but does not translate on the eye, just a soft matte. I also have the shade Crystal Taupe which is also beautiful. I would love to own the whole line, but they are not cheap, and not easy to depot either. I wish they came in refills for my magnetic pallete.

Metallic Lid Colour ~ Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow, Glass Bull, 🇻, 1.5g $4 (but cost me £10 EBay)

I saw a video on YouTube by JKissa and she demonstrated her favourite cruelty free unique eyeshadows. This was one of them. It’s impossible to say what colour it is, it’s everything! Like a metallic copper brown with a load of blue, green reflect. I managed to get hold of it from a genuine EBay seller, as Colourpop is not easy to get here in the UK. I’m sorry if you can’t get it, I hope you can. Maybe you are more resourceful! I’s just so pretty alone on the lid or to go with any warm or cool transition for an easy, but eyecatching eye!

Eyeliner ~ Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil, Copper, 🇻, 1.1g, £17.

I have been looking for a good red based, metallic copper liner for at least the duration of 2017. And Ere Perez came out with a bunch of new metallic eye liners recently in every colour you need. They do bronze too but I have a few bronzes and was astounded to get a redder copper in a green beauty formulation. It’s so good! Works really well in the waterline, on the upper or lower lash line and smudged out as a lid base. This was my ‘need’ shade, but I’d take the whole line, honestly, they perform so well.

Lip Tint ~ Ere Perez Real Rosehip Lipbar, Life, 🇻, 4.5g, £15.50.

This little bit (rolled right up!) is what I have left of my Lipbar in Life, by Ere Perez. Somewhere between a lipstick and a lip balm, in the most gorgeous, Korean beauty inspired, soft, bitten lip red. My most reached for, everyday lip colour, and such beautiful ingredients, so moisturising to the lips. Getting hard for me to get hold of, since I understand the brand is updating a lot of lines. I need to stock up on this soon, as nothing beats this for sumptuous, sheer lip colour!

Lipstick ~ Kosås Weightless Lip Color, 4g, £27.

If you have followed me on Instagram, you will know that I tried some Kosås samples in Autumn… and got ridiculously hooked! The most beautiful flattering, pigmented shades, there are 8 in the line. I got 4 in 2017… from left to right: Rosewater, Undone, Fringe & Royal. And I’d like to get the rest of the line. The colours are universally flattering, and the formula is gorgeous and long lasting. Again thanks to Ashley from The Green Bunny (YT) and Jenna Catherine from Natural Beautiful Life for recommending. If you want a cheaper option, at ten quid less a pop, the Ere Perez Rich Olive Oil lipsticks are lovely, and I think vegan too. I have 4 shades of those too. Shout for any swatches or in depth posts on either brand. I’m only too happy to talk lipstick!

Lip Liner ~ Ere Perez Sesame Oil Lipliner, Naughty, 🇻, 1.1g, £17.

Cannot fault this lip liner. A neutral pink nude brown with a dusty hue it works lovely with any nude lipstick, but also great with any darker brown toned shades (I like to use it with the Kosås lipsticks.) It’s just a great all rounder shade wise and I cannot find a creamier, longer lasting lip pencil. Ere Perez also just brought out more shades!

That’s it! I was a longie but a goodie! Please share your cruelty free makeup faves in the comments below as I’m always excited to try new makeup!




I do sometimes use affiliate links. If you are happy to click on the link and support this blog in that way then thank you very much. If not, that’s cool, just google it. There are no PR gifts in this post nor is any of the content sponsored. My opinions are always honest and my own.

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  1. Great post, so glad you are loving the Lily Lolo illuminator :D, I notice you have enjoyed a lot of Ere Perez products and I have had my eye on some of their eyeshadow palettes, have you tried them? x


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