Vegan and Cruelty Free, AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE Makeup Brushes!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well. Today I’m here to let you know that you can get amazing Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes, that apply blend your products to perfection and do not cost crazy money! Also, most of them are easily available on the high street or others are to buy affordably online. I don’t think I own a single brush that cost over £10 either. I have collected a lot; I’m not saying you need all of these, just showing you options.

Let me walk you through my brushes, and why I like them, including prices and where to get them!

B. Makeup Brushes 

Readily available at Superdrug, B. Makeup Brushes are all made from synthetic fibres. I have the Finishing Brush (top), which I don’t think is available now, but I like to use this dual fibre brush for setting my entire face, or a very light dusting of bronzer, which the design of the brush lends itself to. The B. Blush and Contour Brush is angled, with densely packed fibres and a rounded top. Ideal for applying and blending powder contour it costs £8.99. I’ve had mine at least 2 years and it washes like new. 

Bdellium Tools

The Bdellium Tools Pink Bambu range is awesome! I have here (top to bottom) the Pink Bambu 787P Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending Brush (£8.75), which is a huge fluffy eye blending brush. I like to use this as a clean brush to blend and diffuse eyeshadow with, or it works great for highlighter! The Pink Bambu 785P Tapered Blending Brush (£7.25) is a smaller version, perfect for applying and blending shadow in the crease area of the eye. And I also have the Pink Bambu 714P Flat Eye Definer Brush (£6.50) which is perfect for liner or brows. I love to use this with eyeshadow to line the upper and lower lash lines. This range is superb, professional quality with lovely handles and again they wash brilliantly. 


Ecotools are widely available up and down the high street, and online. I have the Ecotools Blush Brush (£7.99) (top), which is one of my favourite brushes for powder, bronze or blush and a travel essential. There’s also this dual ended Blend & Smudge Brush, which comes in the Eye Enhancing Duo Brush Set (£5.99), and I love this brush for more detailed application in the crease and for smudging powders or liners on the lash line. Both these brushes I have had for a number of years and they have hardly worn at all despite regular use and cleaning! I bought the Skin Perfecting BB/CC Brush for precisely that purpose but still prefer my hands or a sponge. However I use and love this brush for blending cream blush! Also look out for offers on Ecotools on the high street as well as cut price in TK Maxx.


One of my local Superdrug stores has recently started stocking E.L.F. and I was dying to try one of the brushes. So I picked up an eye Blending Brush (£4.50) (I clearly have a problem with blending brushes). This is different from my other blending brushes as its tapered and fluffy from one side and turn it to the side and it’s flatter. So it can also be used for packing on colour! A great little brush and definitely up for trying more.

Lily Lolo

The Lily Lolo Tapered Contour Brush (£8) is great for contour but also setting the undereye and T zone. I also like it for highlighter, it blends it so gorgeously. The Super Kabuki Brush (£15.50), yes it’s over a tenner, but I didn’t lie, I got this on offer for £7.50 as it was the end of a limited edition colour. It’s brilliant for powder foundations or really stamping in and blending any setting powder. Kabuki brushes can be hard to wash and dry, but this one isn’t and is still super soft! The Small Fan Brush is a lovely light and flimsy fan brush. I admit I don’t use it that often, as I like to highlight with the tapered brush, but if you like a fan brush, this one is a lovely option for £8.


This Lip Brush is an absolute dream and a bargain at £5.95! It’s oval in shape and firm enough to get a super precise lip line, but also big enough to fill in the lips quickly and evenly. And the handle doubles as its cover. So handbag friendly and really well made, and Nanshy brushes are professional quality without the crazy price tag.

The Nanshy Marvel Blender is the only beauty sponge I use. I like this because it is the softest sponge going, and when dampened it expands and is ultra bouncy! All other brands I have tried have eventually perished or broken up, but this one stays good as new, which says a lot as I wash it after every use. Retails for £6, I got mine for 3 quid from TKs!

PHB Ethical Beauty 

Introduced to PHB beauty products via my monthly LoveLula Beauty Box, I really rated them and when I was in the market for a new angled brush for applying eyebrow definer, I decided to order the PHB Brow Define Brush (£7.95). And I’m so glad that I did as its perfect! Firm enough but fine pointed to create hair strokes and never applies too much product. I always found that I went through other brow brushes really quickly, they seem to lose their point and angle, but not this one! It gets vigorously washed to get out waxy brow pomade but has not lost its shape or precision at all! A firm favourite! The PHB Eyeshadow Brush (£7.95) came to me with a PHB eyeshadow in one of my fabulous LoveLula subscription boxes, and though it’s a smaller brush, it’s great for more precise application and blending on the lid or smoking out the lower lash line. 

Real Techniques

Again, to be found all over the high street and online, Real Techniques are one of the most recognisable brush brands and all their brushes are synthetic, so vegan and cruelty free! The large Blush Brush is big so it’s great for loose powder, or diffusing loose bronzer or blush. Washes fantastic and dries quickly, as do all RT brushes, this one retails for around £9.99. But I picked mine up in yes, TK Maxx, for £6.99! The middle brush is the RT Instapop Cheek Brush and I think it is currently only available online at Boots in the UK. Had to get this when recommended by Ashley from The Green Bunny on YouTube. I love a good bold but swept back blush and this brush is fantastic for that. The Setting Brush (rrp £7.99) was also picked up at TK for £4.99 and it’s great for precisely setting any areas, particularly under the eyes where you don’t want to over powder. 

Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush again £7.99, picked up for £4.99 at TKs, is the only concealer brush I bother with, as most others only seem to pack it on but not blend it out without streaks. No streaks with this one, it applies and blends concealer softly and precisely. The Expert Face Brush (I have a mini version, just a short handle, the brush head is the same size) applies and blends liquid and cream foundation like a dream and retails for £9.99.

And the final brushes I have from Real Techniques is the Eye Shade and Blend Set (£10.99). Featuring the Base Shadow Brush and the Deluxe Crease Brush, this is really all any eyeshadow beginner needs for an everyday eye look. And yes I got mine in TK Maxx for £6.99. 


But because I’m extra about brushes I have two more, and these are from Spectrum. The C05 Small Dome Contour Brush (£5) I like to use to buff eyeshadow all over the eye area or lid. The B06 Tall Tapered Blender Brush (£4.99) is a lovely long, narrow and flexible blending brush for a lovely diffused eyeshadow blend. 

If I didn’t have such big collection of various brushes or was new to makeup or didn’t have many brushes, I would probably buy one of the larger sets from Spectrum. They’re really cool to look at (check Spectrum website for all their beautiful designs), super soft, well made, wash wonderfully and the pricepoint is spot on. 

But I do love all of my various brushes, I’ve been collecting them for years and do use them all! What are your favourite vegan friendly and cruelty free brushes?




I do sometimes use affiliate links. If you are happy to click on the link and support this blog in that way then thank you very much. If not, that’s cool, just google it. There are no PR gifts in this post nor is any of the content sponsored. My opinions are always honest and my own. 

2 Replies to “Vegan and Cruelty Free, AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE Makeup Brushes!”

  1. Love Real Techniques brushes, absolute faves….. I have been wanting to try the spectrum brushes for a while and I think now I will have to get some!! love the post Emily x


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