LoveLula Beauty Box ~ January 2018 

Hi there and welcome to this month’s first impressions for the January 2018 LoveLula Beauty subscription box. I have been subscribed to this beauty box for almost a year now, and every month I like to share my initial thoughts on the products in the box. So let’s dive right in.

Magic Organic Apothecary Fortifying Green Bath Potion, 🇻, 100ml, rrp. £27.50. This is a product I had been curious to try for some time, so I was super excited when I got it in the box. I got in a bath of it asap… the evening of the day it arrived! My first observation was that it didn’t turn the bathwater green, which I had presumed and hoped it would. But that’s no biggie. It smells absolutely divine and fills the room with a minty, fennel scent. But whilst bathing I did notice that I felt cold! This must be due to the peppermint oil, which is invigorating, but on a cold winters day not what I was looking for. My husband tried it but didn’t feel cold. I think I will save it for summertime (if he doesn’t use it all up first!), or use as a refreshing foot soak after being on my feet at work. My only complaint with this product is that it contains Laureth 3, a synthetic surfactant. This is otherwise a natural oil (base of sunflower oil), and as a bath oil I’m not sure why it needs an emulsifying agent.

Laidbare Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Hair Minimising Moisturiser, 🇻, 125ml, rrp.£6.99. I’ll get the gripe out of the way first. This product contains dimethicone, a synthetic silicone that is added conventional moisturisers and conditioners, however usually avoided by more natural brands. I don’t understand why it’s in here and it’s an ingredient I do tend to avoid in my skin and hair care. I’ve used and loved several Laidbare products, received in previous Beauty Boxes, and none of their other products contain dimethicone, so I’m double puzzled. However I have tried the product after shaving my legs today just to share my thoughts. And it feels like silicone. Straight up, it feels like a silicone based face primer, that silky, coating, plasticy feeling! I don’t know how it works on hair minimising at this point, and I don’t think I will get to know, as I’m putting this straight in the “pass on” bag! Somebody else may enjoy it, but I’ll stick to my 100% natural body oils, thank you kindly.

Madara Time Miracle Total Renewal Night Cream, 🇻, ml, approx £20 (50ml retails for £42). I’m quite happy with this night cream and the ingredients. It goes on nicely and absorbs quickly with no greasiness or residue. I’ve been using it for a few nights and my skin feels nice in the morning. It’s got hyaluronic acid in, which my skin seems to enjoy, so that’s a bonus. I will use it all up, and maybe it’ll have great cumulative effects but it doesn’t blow me away after a few uses. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but it’s pretty pricey so I wouldn’t repurchase it. I’d sooner invest that kind of money (£40 and over) in a product what personally wows me, and I can use day or night. Marlenha Bloom for example.

PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Eye Gel with Eyebright & Neroli, 🇻, 15ml, rrp. £16.95. This is a nice and light, non sticky eye gel. Again I’ve used it since receiving the box. It has lovely ingredients and is cooling and refreshing to the eye area It doesn’t blow me away right off the bat, but with continued use I do hope to see a brightening effect. I will use it up, but probably not repurchase unless I see results over a period of time. I do wish it was in a pump as the hole in the tube is quite big, meaning you get much more product than you need with a squeeze! (N.B I have noticed on the LoveLula website that the PHB Hydrating Eye Gel comes in a pump, which is a bit annoying, and likely means this tube version is end of line.)

So as you can probably tell, this month’s products are not really doing it for me. At a value of £71 and over, however, it’s a good buy for £13.95, and a great buy if you’re happy with all of the products. Plus this one is all Vegan products. But we are seeing a rotation of the same brands… PHB, Madara, Laidbare. Yes they are great brands, but I’d like to see a box with some new or different brands. I wonder if these are the brands that can supply to LoveLula at a lower cost, in order for LoveLula to be able to keep the price of the box down. I wouldn’t mind however paying more a month, for more variety and a few new brands to try.

Did you receive the January LoveLula Beauty Box? What are your thoughts?




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