Cruelty Free Beauty Empties February 2018

Hello peeps! Gosh I can’t believe it’s time for another Empties! I do love reading Empties posts and watching them on YouTube. I find it fascinating to see what people get through, what they think, if they would repurchase and if not, what they’re preferring. Yes I’m super nosey about what’s in other people’s recycling bins! That doesn’t sound quite right though? I promise you I don’t go wombling in the neighbour’s rubbish!

So, anyway, I hope you like my contribution. Here’s what I used up in Jan & Feb. As always, vegan friendly products will be marked with a big πŸ‡», and my easy reference key will be in play… πŸ’― for definite repurchase, β­• for may repurchase,❌for definitely won’t repurchase. So let’s get cracking!

Isla Apothecary Relax + Recover Bath Salts, πŸ‡», 60g, as part of Discovery Kit, Β£21.

I really enjoyed these bath salts, as did my husband. They are 100% natural and contain Epsom Salt and Dried Lavender Flowers as well as Cedarwood, Rose Geranium & Bergamot essential oils. However, outside of the Discovery Kit, they are quite pricey to buy in the full size and I’m not sure I would repurchase this product purely for that reason, because I always have Epsom Salt in the house and own all of the essential oils, so could DIY β­•. I would however totally recommend getting the Discovery Kit for a gift or as a little treat and a great way to try a few of Isla’s products πŸ’―.

John Master’s Organics Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, πŸ‡», 236ml, Β£19.

This is the 60ml version that I received in a LoveLula Beauty Box. I received a second box for free with an order and I had already used this shampoo from the first box and bought a full size. I really enjoyed using this and have and would repurchase πŸ’―.

Laidbare Safe Hands Sunflower Hand Cream, πŸ‡», 50ml, Β£6.99.

I picked this hand cream up from TK Maxx actually, I can’t remember how much it was. It was nice but it didn’t blow me away β­•.

Evolve Organic Beauty Superfood Shine Shampoo*, πŸ‡», 60ml, Β£4,

I absolutely LOVE this shampoo and have gone through 3 of these travel sizes I think! I always add them on to my orders from Glow Organic. The reason that I haven’t bought the full size is that I usually buy a matching conditioner but do not like the one from Evolve for my thick hair it just does not do enough. Stand out shampoo though, highly recommend πŸ’―.

Soaper Duper Zingy Giner Hand Wash, πŸ‡», 500ml, Β£5.

I pick this guy up whenever my local Tesco has it in. It’s an absolutely lovely hand wash and very good value. Not entirely natural but a very good effort for something you can pick up with your groceries and is SLS/SLES and paraben free. Comes in a good few other scents too, though I love this one as it reminds me of a scent from when I was younger, I can’t remember what though! πŸ’―

Alba Botanica Deep Conditioning Minute Mask, 156ml, think it was around a fiver.

A TK Maxx find here and I have never been able to find this on any UK retailer website! So gutted as it REALLY made a difference! If you spot this anywhere, pick it up, I promise you, it’s beautiful. Would πŸ’― repurchase if I ever saw it again!

Rahua Classic Shampoo & Conditioner, πŸ‡», 275ml, Β£32 & Β£34.

Hands down my favourite shampoo and conditioner, I was lucky to receive this for my birthday last year! This line is organic and 100% natural and contains rahua oil and palo santo oil, giving it it’s signature scent (divine!). I made these last me a good 6 months and I will probably spend birthday money on them again. Don’t need to use anywhere as much product as with other natural shampoos and conidtioners, the shampoo lathers up lovely and the conditioner is so thick and rich but distributes evenly and beautifully through the hair for unparalleled softness! Would πŸ’― repurchase and would highly recommend.

Kind Natured Soothing Sea Salt & Bergamot Bath Soak, πŸ‡» 300ml, Β£4.95.

Another high street find, this range is available in Boots. This is the only scent I have tried, but both me and hunny are hooked. It’s got a lovely subtle seaside scent and creates a lovely, soft and foamy bath which doesn’t dry my skin. Already have another backup and the corresponding shower gel which is also lovely πŸ’―.

PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Hand Cream with Neroli & Ylang Ylang, πŸ‡», 50ml, Β£10.95.

If you have read my blog before you will have seen this repeatedly in my Empties and Favourites. It’s honestly the best hand cream I have ever used! And it smells incredible! It’s natural, organic, cruelty free, vegan and halal and the company donates 20% of its profits to charity. Unbeatable ethics in my opinion and a brand I will continue to buy from. I absolutely will repurchase always and forever and recommend to everyone. My Mum’s favourite too! πŸ’―

Lush Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask, πŸ‡», 150g, Β£7.25.

I know some people have issue with Lush because they use sulpahtes and parabens in some of their products, but if you shop carefully adn read the ingredients, you can get some pretty much nearly all natural stuff. the only ingredient in this mask that isn’t natural is synthetic fragrance. This doesn’t bother me and I had great luck with this exfoliating masks. It’s surprisingly gentle on the skin despite being really scrubby (coffee grounds), and is very hydrating too thanks to agave and glycerine. If I’m going to react to anything it will be a mask, and this didn’t aggravate my skin whatsoever. I’ve got about 11 other masks on the go right now (seriously), but i will repurchase this in future. πŸ’―

Evolve Organic Beauty Hyaluronic Acid Serum 200*, πŸ‡», 10ml, Β£12.

I’m a big fan of all the skincare products I have tried from Evolve, and this is no exception. It’s 99.3% natural and a lovely small batch, Brtish made product. It adds a boost of plumping hydration to my skincare routine, without adding any extra heaviness. I love to use it in the morning before makeup, and will use it at night if not using a facial oil and then will add a moisturiser on top. It’s really fab and I have already got the full size ready to go πŸ’―.

And now onto the only dudd this month. This is the Inika Vegan Long Lash Mascara (I’m not even going to link it as I don’t recommend it)

I got this in a set with their liquid eyeliner, since it was sold out on it’s own. I didn’t like the liner, but that’s no surprise for me since I don’t like or use liquid liners in general. I have since passed that on to a friend. But I really should have sent the whole thing back. The first couple of times I used this, it gave me super long, seperated lashes (but no volume) and I could start to see why everyone was raving about it. However, it did smudge really badly on me throughout the day. After less than two weeks the formula had totally clumped up and went on the lashes clumpy and gloopy. I tried to persevere with it, but I was so disappointed I ended up binning it. And it wasn’t cheap! If you loved this mascara, good for you. I will never risk trying it again, even if it was a bad one ❌. I will stick to my tried and trusted Hynt Beauty Nocturne Mascara*, thank you very much.

That’s it for this month! I think I did pretty well with only one product that was a hard pass for me. Have you tried any of these products? I would love to hear your thoughts.




Disclaimer: I do sometimes use affiliate links (*). If you are happy to click on the link to shop, and support my blog, then thank you very much. If not, that’s totally cool! I still appreciate you reading! There are no PR gifts in this post, nor is any of the content sponsored. My words are always honest and my own. On the subject of own words, if you are another blogger, please don’t copy or paraphrase my writing, that’s not cool. All images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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