Nabla Cosmetics Eyeshadow Singles

So I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately, and have seen two of my favourites JKissa & Angelica Nyqvist using and loving Nabla eyeshadows.

Nabla is an Italian cruelty-free and vegan Indie makeup brand, and whilst they are not natural beauty, they use high quality and safe natural and synthetic ingredients.

So I wondered what the fuss was about, and as I have been loving duochrome eyeshadows lately (brought on by my love affair with Colourpop’s Glass Bull), I initially ordered two duochrome shades by Nabla from Beauty Bay in the UK… Absinthe and Alchemy.

You will see they look similar in the pans and not particularly remarkable when photographed, but when I swatched them or got them on the eye, oh my gosh they are STUNNING!

Absinthe is described as a terracotta with strawberry, teal and pale aqua green reflects, whereas Alchemy is described as a burnt peach duochrome with fuchsia and teal reflects. They are both uniquely beautiful and look lovely pressed on the lid, with or without any crease and outer corner shadows. Because of the different colour reflects in the shadows they can be used with a multitude of different looks, Absinthe lending to warm looks beautifully and Alchemy perfectly to cool.

On the strength of these two shadows alone, I decided to order a bunch more shades. Let’s start with the mattes!

We have Narciso, Lotus and Eresia. They are wonderfully pigmented and they build and blend effortlessly on the eye. Narciso is described as a matte neutral light brown with pink undertones. It is perfect for starting up any eye look or contouring your eye shape and works well with both warm and cool toned shadows. Lotus is a cool pastel pink matte. It’s the perfect in between a pink and a lilac shade and looks great in the crease with Alchemy on the lid. Eresia is a warm purple, and it has the pigmentation and blendability I have desired in a true purple shadow for a long time.

I then ordered more shimmers and duochromes: Millennium, Unrestricted, Juno Moon and Virgin Island.

Millienium is a satin gold duochrome with coral-pink reflects. I like to wear it on the lid, as an inner corner highlight, and it also makes a beautiful peachy face highlight! Unrestricted was the shade I deliberated over the most as they do a few shades similar to this. But I went for this one, as it is a plum-burgundy duochrome with strong golden sheen. I wanted something more unique than a shimmering brown or bronze and I certainly found it in Unrestricted. Juno Moon is purple cyclamen on an intense rust base.It is a very creamy and intense metallic shade which looks gorgeous on the lid or outer half of the lid with a lighter shade on the inner. Virgin Island is described as a turquoise with light blue, pink and violet reflect. This shade is super metallic and bright and looks stunning on the lid.

I really wanted Freestyler which was not available via Beauty Bay. I ended up buying it from another retailer, as shipping from Nabla directly was too expensive for one eyeshadow. The retailer I used was House of Beauty, and I would be reluctant to buy from them again as it took me three emails to get them to dispatch my order. Having said that, Freestyler is beautiful and unique and worth the hassle. It is described as a satin baby blue-gold duochrome. It’s super creamy and pretty and more subtle; I’m really enjoying it paired with yellows and oranges in the crease and have worn bronze eyeliner over it on the upper lash line… looked so cool!

I’m super impressed with the quality, pigmentation, blendability of all the shades I’ve purchased. If those colours are not your speed they do all of these gorgeous shades:


If you want to see any of their eyeshadows expertly swatched, head on over to the Nabla YouTube Channel.

Nabla have also sneak peeked the packaging of their soon to be released Soul Blooming Palette and I can’t wait to see what shades are hiding behind this cuteness!

(Image: @nablacosmetics IG)

Have you ever tried Nabla eyeshadows or any other of their cosmetics?




Disclaimer: I do sometimes use affiliate links (*). If you are happy to click on the link to shop, and support my blog, then thank you very much. If not, that’s totally cool! I still appreciate you reading! There are no PR gifts in this post, nor is any of the content sponsored. My words are always honest and my own. All images are my own unless otherwise stated.

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