Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division Palette ~ Collab with BellaIzzy Makeup!

Hey everyone and welcome! Today I’m doing a second collaboration with the beautiful and talented BellaIzzy Makeup! For this collab, Izzy came up with the brilliant idea of us both buying the same cruelty free eyeshadow palette and sharing our first impressions and two looks on my blog / her YouTube channel respectively. The first time I will see her looks and she will see mine is when I post this blog and she posts her video (linked below)!

We decided to opt for an affordable and readily available cruelty free palette, and chose the Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division Palette from Superdrug in the UK, priced at ยฃ4. And it’s Vegan! I believe you can get Revolution online in Europe and at Ulta in the US.

So this is the palette, and yes it is a dupe / virtually identical colour copy of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Subculture Palette. We chose this as neither of us own Subculture, but were both curious about the colour scheme of the palette.

You may already be familiar with the shades but I thought I would swatch the palette down below to show how the shadows themselves swatch.

Apologies, I swatched the palette and then realised I had missed the orange in the middle of the palette, so I stuck it at the beginning of all the swatches as you can see above! As you can see all the mattes swatch great! And they do feel smooth to the touch. The shimmery metallic bronze also swatches beautifully. However, the first shade, which is a white pink duochrome did not come up that great in swatching, nor did the shimmery light green shade. These two shades have also formed hard pan from swatching and the product is not wanting to pick up.

So I was really drawn to the yellow, peach, orange, green and reddish purpley shades in this palette as well as the shimmers. The neutral taupe, brown and black shades didn’t excite me to play with, but they do swatch nicely.

This is the first look I created which I will run through in a sec. I don’t have the best eye shape (downturned and hooded) for eye makeup, despite my utter love for eyeshadows, which is why I have taken the pictures at the angles I have. Also, I don’t have a fancy camera but I’ve done my best to capture the colours. I hope they’re OK for you! And P.S. I did use tape, as when I blend into my socket / crease which turns down, I end up with muddy outer corners. Tape helps me guide colours easily onto the large space I have above the crease and to create a more lifted look on my eye shape. Highly recommend tape if you have a similar eyes. Also to note I primed my eyelids with concealer and dusted with powder first. So here we go!

I was first drawn to the peachy, orange, yellow shades and thought they would look cool with the greens so this is the first look I came up with. Read on to see how I achieved it.

I took the peachy shade I have numbered (1) and fluffed that all in my socket area… as my lids are very hooded, for me this tends to be higher than where my crease ought to be, and I need to pull colours upward and outward, or you don’t see any colours with my eyes open! I then blended the mid tone orange (2) into this but a little lower down. The yellow ochre (3) I concentrated directly into my crease, which for me is more like the upper part of the lid because of where my eye folds. On the lid I packed the yellowest shade (4) and you might laugh, but I actually used a sponge applicator for this… yes they do have their uses! Shade (5), the green shimmer went on my inner corner. I put (6) the darkest green along my lower lash line about half way in from the outer corner before smudging out with the mid green (7).

So how did these shadows apply and perform? All the peach, orange, yellow shades I found really easy to apply and blend, and also to build up pigmentation and transition into one another. The greens on the lower lash line were slightly more powdery, but leant well to working in this area. I don’t know how they would work blended in the crease, I’ll have to try that. I wasn’t happy with the texture nor the pigmentation of the shimmery green and would have liked more of a pop on my inner corner, plus it was difficult to get out of the pan and onto my brush. I’ll have to try it wet. The matte shadows wore well and lasted.

In case you’re interested, I also popped these Velvet Touch Eyeliners (vegan) from GOSH in the waterline; Woody Green on the outer half, and Alligator (discontinued I think) on the inner half. These are some of my favourite drugstore eye pencils, as well as the Barry M ones. All at Superdrug of course. And there are tons of colours.

Now onto to the second look!

I wanted to use the two burgundy shades and the bronze shimmer so here’s what I did.

I started out again in the socket with the lightest peachy shade (1) to create a transition to blend the other shades into. I blended the redder shade (2) into the crease and outwards as well as along the lower lash line two thirds of the way in. I darkened the outer corner with the darker burgundy (3). I patted the bronze shimmer (4) onto the lid with my finger and blended the edges, then put the pink duochrome (5) on the inner corner.

The peach and red burgundy shade blended beautifully, and I’m sure I could have built up the pigment with the burgundy much more (it was better in person than on camera). The darker burgundy was a little choppy and harder to blend for me, but still OK. The pink duochrome was honestly reluctant to go on or show up, which was a shame as I think it would have looked really cool. But the bronze was lovely and could probably be more metallic if I wet the brush

I popped the Ere Perez Jojoba Eye Pencil in Copper* (vegan) in the waterline, which is a beautiful copper red purple shade, really unique, and matches wonderfully with this eye look.

And that’s it! My overall first impressions of this palette are really quite good. I enjoyed playing with the colours and all the mattes were really lovely! I haven’t tried many other products from Revolution, besides the concealer which I like for priming my lids. But I would definitely be willing to give more of their eyeshadows a try based on the ease of use and performance of this eyeshadow palette.

Now, you’ve read this blog post, so hop on over to BellaIzzy’s YouTube video to see her first impressions! Do subscribe whilst you’re there. I wonder which shades she chooses?

We do hope you enjoyed this collaboration and thank you for reading / watching.




Disclaimer: I do sometimes use affiliate links (*). If you are happy to click on the link to shop, and support my blog, then thank you very much. If not, that’s totally cool! I still appreciate you reading! There are no PR gifts in this post, nor is any of the content sponsored. My words are always honest and my own. All images are my own unless otherwise stated.

2 Replies to “Revolution Reloaded Iconic Division Palette ~ Collab with BellaIzzy Makeup!”

  1. Yay!! Love this blog post and love how we both went for similar colours within both of the looksโ€ฆ. and I like how we agreed on the lime green shimmer colour!! Such a lovely palette so thank you for suggesting it! Xxx


    1. Thank your for suggesting the idea for the collaboration! I know, that green shimmer, but at least I know to wet it now. Thank you so much Izzy for this super fun collab ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


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